Xe-Development was founded in early 2013 to create stunning interactive web experiences leveraging the latest technologies and a skillset acquired over more than a decade of passionate programming. Ready to challenge the status quo Xe-Development set out to build a truly production ready, fully featured game engine to enable not only the web of tomorrow but also true cross-platform collaborative game development in the cloud.

While focused on the upcoming release of Xe-Engine™, we're always up for a challenge. The ability to cover the whole pipeline from concept to finished experience allows us to deliver seamless solutions running on a wide variety of platforms. We're taking pride in all our work well beyond the visual appearance so our code is clean, well documented and high performance. Embracing a culture of curiousity we're not shying away from developing new, unique tailor-cut solutions.

If you're looking to create a truly mesmerizing online experience we'd love to get in touch with you!


Provided as platform as a service Xe-Engine™ is a desktop grade game engine enabling the development of high quality gaming experiences from within the browser. Its cloud architecture facilitates efficient cooperation between individuals and teams regardless of physical location or time zones. Distributed backups and built-in versioning of all assets in combination with seamless failover strategies ensure high reliability at all times.

Featuring a thoughtfully designed and well documented entity-component-system model, Xe-Engine™ is accessible, modular and easily extendable for users of all skill levels. Its capabilities to import more than 40 3D file formats, over 100 image formats and Unity® packages without any user-side conversion efforts makes sourcing assets and getting started a breeze.

The physically based renderer and integrated physics engine enable high fidelity, triple A visual quality from the get-go. Written in pure JavaScript Xe-Engine™ presents a clean and well documented interface granting fast development and easy debugging using existing, industry proven tools. Games developed with Xe-Engine™ can be built and published to all major PC platforms(Browser, Windows, Mac and Linux) with the click of a button, no porting or repackaging required.


Have a unique concept you want us to realize, a need for WebGL related consulting or questions regarding the engine ? What ever it is, get in touch with us by writing an email to Y29udGFjdEB4ZS1kZXZlbG9wbWVudC5jb20=.
We'll get back to you as soon as possible!