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We're the company behind Xe-Engine™, the highest performance WebGL based 3D-Cloud-Game-Engine.

Based on our proprietary WebGL framework, Xe-Engine™ enables you to collaboratively create visually stunning 3D gaming experiences inside your favorite browser.

Applications developed with Xe-Engine™ are running in all major browsers and furthermore as stand-alone desktop applications on all major operating systems.

To find out more about Xe-Engine™ head over to www.Xe-Engine.com.

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Xe-Engine™ is a cloud based, multi platform development environment for highly interactive 3D applications and games. It enables the development of next generation browser games aswell as stand alone applications with a graphical fidelity near to current generation AAA desktop titles. The sophisticated cloud architecture of Xe-Engine™ enables shorter iteration cycles, multi user editing and powerful yet easy asset and user management.


The engine offers a complex yet easy to use user-, resource and projectmanagement system. Multiple users for example level designers can work simultaniously and collaborative on one and the same level. New resources can be directly previewed in the engine avoiding time consuming feedback loops. Once uploaded new resources are available to the whole team within seconds. The usermanagement system allows to manage privileges regarding viewing, editing and deleting contents, resources and assets for usergroups, resourcetypes and more.


Currently the engine supports automatic building for the browser, Windows, MacOS and Linux without any porting afford. We're working on supporting current generation game consoles and mobile devices. Through resource targeting its possible to target specific build platforms and enhance performance, graphics quality and bandwidth requirements ensuring the best possible experience without reworking half of the assets.

Cloud Architecture

The whole engine and all its tools are running directly inside the browser. All contents and changes are constantly synchronized across multiple servers. In the case of a server failure a backup server seamlessly replaces the faulty server. Through that architecture the risk of a not reachable server or data loss because of a hardware failure be it client or server is greatly reduced.

File Formats

Xe-Engine™ supports importing of more than 40 3D fileformats, more than 100 image formats, as well as Unity® packages. Allowing you to use all your present and future assets without any file processing from your side.

Find out more

To find out more about Xe-Engine™ head over to www.Xe-Engine.com.


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We're a team of young professionals, native to the technology.

Since mid 2011 we're working on Xe-Engine™ along with its underlying framework, having professional backgrounds in both desktop and web development aswell as in several game development fields enables us to develop never before seen web experiences.

We are passionate workaholics firmly believing in the sucess of our mission:
Blurring the line between desktop and web applications, squeezing out the last bit of performance of new web technologies to create breath taking experiences.

Bringing the web to the third level.

Jan F. Scheurer
Founder and CEO


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